Merger with buildingSMART UK

In June 2013 the OPEN BIM Network and buildingSMART UK announced combined operations. Focusing particularly on the development of the close relationship between the OPEN BIM Network and buildingSMART UK’s User Group.

The group capitalises on the rising synergy between the activities of the OPEN BIM Network and buildingSMART UK. It is an important voice for the users of BIM to provide feedback and market ‘pull’ for the software vendors, academia and other providers of BIM services.

Benefits of the Merger

Since it was established, the OPEN BIM Network, with the support of Constructing Excellence, championed open BIM. It did this via this publication and by local/national events/trials etc. The OPEN BIM Network had a substantial membership that believed in and supported its ethos.

buildingSMART UK  reorganised under the management of the BRE, with the aim of increasing its profile as the home of open BIM, to deliver value services to industry and to support the adoption of open standards that are core to the success of open BIM.

  • The harmonisation of open BIM activities provides a single point of reference and communication. This will help eradicate confusion
  • There is closer alignment with the UK government and its drive for BIM adoption.
  • Members have a stronger voice back to government for open BIM related matters.
  • Members  have access to higher value services – these may include relevant publications, focused training provision as well as more opportunities for member involvement.
  • By combining resources of its user groups, a wider range of field activities can be introduced and managed for the benefit of all participants.
  • The combined membership of the OPEN BIM Network and buildingSMART UK, supported by the resources of Constructing Excellence and the BRE, has established a bigger voice.  The support of buildingSMART International, further enhances its importance.

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